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What Is Residential Landscape Architecture?What Is Residential Landscape Architecture?

Residential landscape architecture is the planning, design and subsequent nurturing of the natural and built environments around homes and other buildings. Its practitioners are trained in everything from site design and historic preservation to horticulture and environmental science. This wide range of knowledge enables them to better manage the relationship between human activity and natural resources as well as improve the human health, safety and wellbeing of those living in built environments.

Depending on the location and context of a residential project, the goal may be to raise property value, increase curb appeal, create a tranquil outside space to relax in, lower energy costs by shading and insulating the home, support biodiversity, and promote environmental sustainability. Many of these objectives are achieved by integrating the landscape with the home’s architectural design. This can be done through the use of color, texture and contrast to add depth and intrigue. It can also be accomplished by utilizing different plants to create different effects.

Crafting Serenity: Residential Landscape Architecture Essentials

In addition to improving the home’s energy efficiency and visual appeal, sustainable residential landscape architecture can help regenerate ecologically productive landscapes and reconnect fragmented ecosystems. By using native plant species, this can be accomplished by reducing the need for excess water, chemical fertilizers and pesticides and supporting pollinators. It can also be done by incorporating rainwater and graywater harvesting into the design of the landscape.