Day: May 19, 2024

How to Choose the Best CFD BrokersHow to Choose the Best CFD Brokers

Best cfd brokers is a risky form of investment and it is important to choose a broker that provides a solid trading platform, good educational resources and support. It is also important to understand the fees charged by brokers as they can be significant and erode profits over time.

The best cfd brokers will have a robust, institutional platform designed with a wide range of traders in mind. This will include support built into the platform (usually through a chat window) and good phone hours to be able to get help when needed.

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Another thing to look for is whether the broker offers guaranteed stop loss orders which are a valuable way to protect yourself against price gaps or slippage. A few brokers charge extra for this, while others offer it as part of their standard order types. Finally, it is important to see how many markets the broker supports as this can affect the ability to trade your strategy.

Saxo Markets are the best cfd brokers for professional traders as they offer DMA CFD trading and physical trading on an advanced institutional platform. IG and Spreadex are close behind in second and third as they both have excellent CFD offerings for UK stocks including the ability to trade them via DMA. Both brokers also have a personal service for larger traders who want to work VWAP or other algo orders. Lastly, both Saxo and IG have US trading offices so they can offer DMA for American stocks too.